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Customer service leadership lessons from TV’s frontline

February 8, 2011 1 comment

Although not known as a ready source of thought on customer service leadership issues, the Radio Times’s letter section recently impressed (sadly there is no online link directly to it).  It was from an employee (albeit nameless) of Michel Roux Jr who is currently hosting a reality programme aimed at improving customer service standards and status in the restaurant trade.   The author’s message is basically get your own house in order first by creating a good working environment, paying a decent wage and, importantly,  rewarding for performance.  

All sorts of customer service pointers here.  To me its leadership that is the important one and an essential credential for true leadership is integrity.   Another aspect that niggles is that Roux and his ilk seem to put the responsibility for service in a restaurant solely on the waiting staff when in reality it requires management to create the processes, working conditions and training behind the scenes for the staff to work the frontline effectively.

Clearly the show is not really aimed at improving service standards.  Like the Mary Portas Secret Shopper farrago, it is aimed at creating a cult around its presenter and being entertainment and they do little for the customer service community.