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Web savvy editor – the job description

April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

As someone who works more on facts than faith the reaction to the last post about recruiting a web savvy editor has helped reassure me that blogging can be useful.   

I have had a number of responses – most asking for more details so to save time and effort the fuller job advert and description is below.  If you’re interested  drop me an email and let me know what difference you think you could make to CS (and attach an up to date  CV please) –

Recent covers of Customer Strategy magazine

Recent covers of Customer Strategy magazine

Customer Strategy's home page

Customer Strategy's home page

Editor/Community manager  – Customer Strategy


This is a great opportunity for an ambitious, web 2.0 savvy journalist looking for an exciting challenge.  The new editor of Customer Strategy will be facing an almost blank sheet of paper.  While the title has a history in quality journalism and a pedigree in design – its challenge is to drive those values into a vibrant online community.


But this community is no closed, easy-to-identify set of job titles – it is for senior managers who understand the need for a business strategy focused on their customers.  Sales, marketing, service, CEOs even IT people – we need them to find us, to engage with our content and identify themselves as our community.  That’s why web 2.0 is so important to the future of this title.


I am looking for a bright, inquisitive, experienced journalist (at least two years experience) who also understands Twitter, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS, webinars, web sites and newsletters,  and more importantly how to use them to create and maintain an active online business community.   That someone will also be passionate about driving-forward web metrics such as page impressions and unique users but also the quantifiable measurements of their users’ engagement – authority, participation and influence.


This is an opportunity for a driver not a passenger who can take this respected title into a brave new world.




Job Description

Job Title: Editor/Community Manager

Department: Customer Strategy

Division: CM & ATC, UBM Live

Location: Ludgate House

Reports to: Publisher



The Editor is responsible for the content and editorial integrity of the magazine, supplements, web sites, newsletters, webinars, roundtables, forums and other associated products, for where appropriate managing their direct reports and for working with colleagues to develop content programmes for portfolio events. The Editor is responsible for driving product performance and achieving agreed targets through reader and visitor engagement and interaction. The Editor is also part of the brand management team responsible for driving the products’ development, their P&L and new and existing project work.



Job Purpose

To drive, manage and produce editorial content and budgets for all brand media, to represent the brand to the industry and outside world, to drive brand development and manage and improve all aspects of product quality and production to schedules and to budgets. To work with the commercial team to ensure the brand performs to budget and develop commercially viable initiatives. To assist in furthering relationships with customers, absentees and potential customers, identifying opportunities to aid the sales process, advising sales colleagues and assisting them to win business where possible.


Management Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the strategic development of the Customer Strategy portfolio and its market position across all media
  • Form and build close working relationships with internal colleagues, to include the Sales, Digital, Circulation, Marketing and Production teams, as well as external contacts within the industry
  • To be a member of the Customer Strategy management team and contribute to the future development of the portfolio
  • Work with Art Director and Web Editor and other staff to develop and direct the products
  • Liaise with and report back to Publishing Director on editorial developments and initiatives
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships within Customer Strategy team


Editorial Responsibilities

  • Developing and delivering a range of complementary, added value products and services to the market
  • Creating and sustaining a high profile in the industry and within key professional groups
  • Delivering a focused, readable and valuable magazine
  • Delivering an editorially robust web platform that attracts industry readers
  • Engaging fully with digital technologies and platforms in the market including social networking, blogging, commenting, forums and online debates
  • Presenting and moderating online events such as webinars
  • Managing content and design of e-newsletter and other outbound electronic communication
  • Chairing and leading debate at events such as roundtables and conferences
  • Delivering superior editorial coverage in terms of news, quality features, surveys and reports
  • Managing and meeting publishing deadlines and controlling all editorial budget areas
  • Gathering and maintaining market, reader and competitor intelligence to present to the commercial team
  • Supporting other portfolio brands and initiatives
  • Knowledge, Experience and Qualifications
  • Editorial management, product development and project management experience
  • Experience of digital media including blogs, social networking and online discussions groups
  • Experience of editorial and project budgeting and cost management
  • Experience of working closely with and supporting commercial teams
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent organisation, prioritisation and personnel management skills


Person Specification

  • Inspirational, creative, results-orientated, flexible and dependable
  • Able to handle a number of different priorities and projects at any one time
  • Ability to work with industry bodies, host seminars, lead round tables etc
  • Able to work cross functionally with a number of departments
  • Able to perform effectively under pressure


Performance Measures

  • Successfully deliver associated products and new initiatives to market
  • Effective editorial development of Customer Strategy
  • Involving readers in electronic media at a rate that outperforms other market media
  • Maintaining a strong and credible editorial platform online
  • Reader perception of magazine, web site and associated portfolio
  • Effective direction and development of editorial resources
  • Delivery of magazine, web site and associated portfolio within deadlines and budgets
  • High visibility and respected industry profile
  • Effective use of market, reader and competitor intelligence
  • Effective communications and working relationships






Print to digital transition

January 6, 2009 Leave a comment

After that initial rush of enthusiasm in writing a blog probably like many others I returned to the real job and the blog was discarded like a toy on Boxing Day.  So as if with the energy inspired by a New Year’s resolution I have returned. 

The phrase “print to digital transition” keeps popping up in my business and, like many well-used (“well-used” as in “often used”) phrases, different people have different interpretations of what it means.  This can result is a good deal of confusion and avoidable conflict as a meeting thinks it is discussing the same thing while each is pursuing a different agenda because the phrase user wrongly assumes that everyone will immediately understand what they mean when they say it. 

So does it carry the automatic assumption that print is dying and all things traditional media are moving digital?   Is it a no-brainer? Is it inevitable?  Should we get ” ahead of the curve” and pitch right in and close our mags now? 

Digital offers a number of attractive advantages:  it’s cheap and in a recession who doesn’t love low cost delivery; it’s interactive; through search it allows your market to find you (we’ve saved a fortune in circulation promotion); it’s multimedia allowing you to do all sorts of things you just can’t  do with a magazine.

For me the key question is  –  in a B2B publishing sector can digital achieve the same level of thought-leadership and branding in a market as a print title?   Or put it another way,  if we scrapped the print and went completely digital could our position survive?  If I put up a defence of the value of print here I’ll end up looking like a dinosaur so I’ll take it as read.

I read an interesting post from a US web techie, Dan’s Diner,  who is leaving online media to go into print.  Why is he going into a supposedly dying print sector and the answer is a good one. 

“I’m seeking to bring all of the energy and excitement of social media into the world of print, and make local print distribution of online content an integral part of the fabric of Web 2.0.”

The two, digital and print,  are clearly not mutually exclusive and it is making them work together for the benefit of the title, its readers and its advertisers that is the challenge and the opportunity.  Not a head long (headless?) pursuit into digital and scrapping of print but a measured,  symbiotic,  coherent strategy that exploits the benefits of each to the benefit.

For how long?  Until our markets can no longer sustain print and the collateral benefits are outweighed by cost – and that will shortly follow our readers’ decision to  no longer use it.    In my “traditional” B2B markets I think that time is still some way off.  

PS.  The spell checker for this blog hosting site doesn’t recognise the word “blog” – has the world gone stark raving mad?