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Where’s the leadership in customer service management?

Doing some work for a customer recently I was struck by the use of language in job titles and what meaning and messaging it conveyed.

In their call centre they have Team Leaders who are often managing up to 15 people (far more direct reports than any CEO is expected to have by the way) and their role is to coach, mentor, inspire and lead by example. The Team Leaders report to Line Managers. Their role is to ensure that the teams hit their productivity targets such as average handling time (AHT). More closely their role seemed to be more command and control where they beat the Team Leaders over the head with automatic measurement data.

So here’s the thing: it seems agents need leadership but team leaders only need management. Who leads the leaders? Why don’t they need coaching, mentoring and inspiration as well? No wonder with this “them and us” divide that Team Leaders have little ambition to go into “management”.

Here’s the next thing: where’s the focus on things that make a difference to customers? Was there ever a more irrelevant and potentially damaging measure in a call centre than AHT?

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