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The irony of Wired magazine

March 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I was reading this morning  in the Daily Telegraph of the relaunch of Wired magazine in the UK – a fest for techies and business people of the latest innovations (apparently they’ve banned the word ‘gadget’). 

The first irony was that for a title that seemed to be talking a great deal about mobile communications technology  they’ve called it “Wired”.  But more topical to my subject is that this title that is “setting the digital agenda” is a print magazine.  OK there’s a web site as well but the lead push into the market is a good old fashioned pieces of paper with words and pictures on them.  

I don’t doubt Wired is a good read – although its first efforts in the UK in the 1990s weren’t sucessful – and it claims to have the best futorologists around.  These eggheads are predicting a cure for Aids by 2024, aliens found by 2028 etc.  Clearly, unlike the rest of the world, what they are not predicting is the imminent demise of the print title.     

And at no time in the article is the question of why a high tech, digital age focused title  is going into print – must be a classic no-brainer.