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More cash for digital than print advertising?

A question we are all struggling with was asked on a LinkedIn professional publishers forum –  “Are Advertisers finding a better return on their adv dollars to advertise on the web instead of print?” :  Here’s my take on  it.

At the moment we are seeing a rather unsophisticated approach from marketers – “I need leads and only leads”. The quality doesn’t seem to matter as long as they can show a good number to their budget holders.   So it is trackable digital and online offerings they are after because print can’t deliver that. But it is woefully short term thinking and surely can’t survive. The good old fashioned marketing mix must make a comeback and print, especially in B2B, will find its place – reduced from its glory dates undoubtedly but as well finding favour with our clients’ marketers it is also, for us, a vital place to promote our own brand and revenue generating extensions.

Be interested in other thoughts on this.

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