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Do readers care about genuine content?

As a traditional print journalist turned digital publisher I find the debate about resources that should be applied to deliver what degree of editorial coverage occupies a lot of my time.  To my mind there should be no difference to the quality of the story that goes on-line to the one that is published on-line – it all goes under the title’s brand. 

There are differences of course.      Because on-line is immediate there is a pressure to get it published before it has been subbed properly let alone researched.  There is a huge, effectively infinite, demand for content every second of the day not a finite six pages a week.  It seems that often the writer, sub and web editor are one and the same. 

But the principal difference was rammed home to me recently when one of our initiatives the Top 50 Call Centres for Customer Service  produced some results we felt newsworthy so we produced a press release.   We got masses of on-line coverage on supposed industry information sites – the vast majority of which just produced the release verbatim.  The only media group to at least try and extract something individual for their readers was the regional press (print and digital).

What this suggests is a huge demand for ‘content’ (free, of course) and a scant regard for journalistic values among these sites.  Now, we invest a huge amount in our journalists and I see that as the only way forward for any site trying to build a community based on content.  What troubles me is that in the ‘three seconds and click’ digital world that readers are going to hang around long enough to appreciate the difference.

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