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Can blogging make a difference?

A colleague’s blog encouraged me write a blog today on the subject of poverty because today is Blog Action Day Poverty.  Why have such a day?  What difference would it make?  Who cares what I think (apart from me)?  

So for me here is an interesting test of blogging?  Can a whole bunch of digital outrage at this social injustice make any difference in the very physical world of poverty and its subsequent physical hardships? 

Sure I’m outraged that people in this world starve and freeze to death or die because they can’t afford the simple drugs to help them.  I guess most of us are.   But what should our response be?

Do we give up our jobs and join the VSO and help people directly?

Is it better to give some funds to one of the noble global charities that take direct action?

Or is our best response to write a polemic in cyberworld and sit back and think “there, that’ll change the world”?

Most of us, including me,  will just do the latter. Not something I’m proud of but the fact is I know in my heart of hearts I have no will to take on all of the troubles of the imperfect world – I have enough problems worrying about family, friends and even colleagues.

Good luck to the organisers of the campaign, I hope it can make a difference.  I will watch to see if it does.  However I can’t helping thinking the self-serving and frankly rather pompous self-important blogging community may be an easy place to start but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good one.


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